This new chapter of your life feels daunting, overwhelming, and quite frankly is leaving you with a lot of feelings you thought you’d moved past years ago. The good news is that you already have everything you need to get started on reaching your goals, feeling aligned with this new person you’re stepping into, and trust in yourself to make decisions that serve you.

The truth is that we are going to endlessly flow through change, cycles, and new life events. It will NEVER end. What can change, however, are your beliefs surrounding change being scary, “ruining” your happiness or self-worth, or feeling like you have to “start all over again.”

When we can embrace change and accept that nothing is constant we give ourselves a new found liberation and begin to open up avenues of self-guidance and trust within ourselves that we’ve never realized before.

You have a whole lot of expert knowledge about yourself, what you want, and most importantly what you need. But we’re often made to feel like we can’t possibly know what we need or what we’re “supposed” to do without XYZ.

Going from a place of “how the hell am I ever going to do this?” to a place of “whatever comes my way will be handled with grace, compassion, and ease” just FEELS better, doesn’t it?

So how can I help you and what do I do? My name is Sarah and I’m a Life Coach & Self-Care Strategist and I’m here to help you master the inner workings of your mind. All of that mental chatter, what-ifs, and overwhelm don’t have to control you and instead, can be used as powerful tools to serve every aspect of your life.

Here are a few ways I break it down:


I strongly believe that its less about getting the “right advice” and more about building your awareness. Once you’re aware of who you are and what you need, the universe becomes your partner in crime and allows you to endlessly seek what you need, when you need it, and do it in ways that feels right, deserved, honored, and nourished. Because I’m telling you, you are ALLOWED to have everything you want in life. Let me repeat that – YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN LIFE. I

It doesn’t make you entitled, selfish or “head in the clouds” silly, it means that you are in tune with living a life that serves you. And what happens when we feel happy and full with our lives? We GIVE more! We share more, we build better relationships, we provide others with more compassion, love, and the support that they need.

Giving yourself what YOU NEED in your life is a gift to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around you.

So who’s behind all of this feel-goodness, anyway?


Hi! I’m Sarah! I created to help others through transitions and give women the tools they need to make their lives feel more fulfilling, less stressful, and more creative! I’ve always dreamed of helping others and have found my passion in coaching and creating awesome content to help others thrive and achieve what makes their heart pound.

Don’t let that smiling photo fool you. Over the past few years, my life has changed dramatically through getting married, moving across the country, trying various jobs, gaining back weight I had worked so hard to lose, and not really knowing how to define myself or my self-worth as life continues to shift and change in and outside of my relationship. I hit a spot in my life where I really had no idea what was happening, what I was doing, and how to get the world to stop spinning long enough so I could clearly define a focus! I felt lost, defeated, depressed, and had no idea who I was in this new stage of my life.

It didn’t take me long to feel like ENOUGH ALREADY and start looking for ways to claim ownership of my life on my own terms and to start loving myself regardless of what was happening, how much weight I’d gained, or what other expectations weren’t being met. I’m ready to share that will you and want to help other women feel empowered, purpose-driven, and satisfied with day-to-day life!

Get to know me even better in the video below!

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Certificates + Education

  • Master’s Degree, Health & Wellness Coaching with a concentration in Integrative Health Practices (MUIH)
  • Graduate Certificate, Health & Wellness Coaching (Maryland University of Integrative Health)
  • Graduate Certificate, Leadership & Management (City University of Seattle)
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Communications with a Minor in Sociology (Western Washington University)
  • Member, International Coaching Federation, abiding by the ICF Code of Ethicsicflogocolor
  • Chair of a Wellness Team, 2011-2014 (CityU) — Creation of Wellness Programs including a staff wide 12 Week Wellness Course, Lunch & Learns, Wellness Events and Info Fairs
  • For more information, you can view my full LinkedIn profile

What I Bring

  • I was in a long-term commitment to my mental chatter, negative thought patterns, and limiting beliefs and I know what it’s like to step away from an internal relationship that can feel like a mental jail
  • I know what it’s like to feel depressed, defeated, and lost in how to take steps forward and start loving yourself again
  • I know what it’s like to struggle with perfectionism, comparisonitis, and battle negative self-talk
  • I know what it’s like to constantly say “this is too hard” — and then believe it, and then never take action toward what I really need and want in my life
  • I believe in honesty and creating a safe judgement-free space for my clients to speak openly and whole heartedly about who they are and the dreams they have for their future
  • Your comfort, self-growth, and trust in my services is the most important thing to me
  • I believe in YOU, period, and I’ll push you to do the same for yourself <3

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