She knows exactly what you need and exactly how to get it. Listen to her. Reclaim your inner voice.

Tune in to the one voice that matters the most: yours.

Remove the power from everyone else's "shoulds." Focus in on that quiet voice within you that's wise, powerful, and unstoppable when given the right moments.  

What if that voice led you instead of waiting for a chance to be heard?

Your life is about to shift in powerful ways because you'll...

  • Have a self-awareness that allows you to pinpoint exactly what you need
  • Know exactly where to start when things feel overwhelming
  • Step into powerful self-love where trusting in yourself comes easy
  • Make decisions that feel easy, make sense, and feel fully alligned with your true self
  • Feel clear on where you need support and won't be afraid to ask for it
  • Trust deeply in your intuition and know when your gut is trying to tell you something
  • Confidently walk through accepting things you cannot change
  • Cultivate ways to shift your mindset to serve you instead of hindering yourself with fear or self-doubt
  • Wake up each day with life feeling more sacred, more intentional, and more liberating

Use them again and again...

  • Uncover what's really stopping you from taking action on your next big goal
  • Feel confident as you decide whether or not to let go of that friendship that's been on your mind for months...if not years
  • Stop humming "should I stay or should I go now" when thinking about your current job situation. You know more than The Clash does about what you really need.
  • Dive deep into what really matters to you when it comes to connecting with others
  • Gain confidence and clear direction when you know you need a change but don't know where to start
  • Form the focus you need to avoid shiny object syndrome and make real progress on the area of your life that's calling you the most

A Self-Guided Ritual

Journal prompts and guidance created with your time in mind. Combining simplicity + inspiration to guide you in the direction of powerful self-love without feeling overwhelmed.


A welcome look back at your personal growth, wisdom, and change


Ways to nourish the self-growth you seek with practicality in mind


Tactics and guidance to turn shiny object syndrome into focused attention

Discover the truth within you to reach your goals with focus, intention, and mental energy fueled by self-trust.


About the Author

Sarah Steckler is a Life Coach // Self-care Strategist who helps women declutter their mind and simplify their life. She's the founder of The Brazen Heart Collective, a community focused on self-love and heart-centered personal growth, the creator of The Financial Self-Care Budget System, a Self-Love Guide, and numerous other journal resources. 

Outside of her coaching practice, Sarah is a big fan of the outdoors, cuddling with her bulldog, visiting the library, catching up on Total Divas, collecting crystals, forest bathing, and baking goodies from scratch.

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