As we step deeper into the year I wanted to do something a bit different, more powerful, more real, open, honest, and authentic. People often ask me what my favorites are, whether it’s self-care tips, resources, or even quotes. So every month, I’m going to be compiling a list of what’s going on in my world, what I’ve discovered, and perhaps, just maybe, you’ll be inspired by some of the same things, too.

What I’ve been up to

I launched by 6 Week Group Coaching Program and we’re off to an amazing start. The ladies in this group and showing up in powerful ways and so much growth occurred within our first session. I cannot WAIT to continue working with each of them. How is this real life?!

I’m also currently running 7 Days of Self-Love in The Brazen Heart Collective Facebook Group February 8th -14th. The wisdom, support, and growth that’s taking place is blowing my mind. You all have so much more knowledge than you could ever imagine!

The Closing Ceremony Workshop is now available for your forever access. This was so much fun to do and I’m already looking forward to doing another webinar in the future. What I’m loving most about this workshop is how relevant it is as a practice/ritual to not only close the past year but also reflect back on during different seasons of your life. Going through the prompts and activities in the workshop are something you can do each quarter or however often you find it valuable to reflect back so you can move forward with intention and inner-guidance. You can click on the image below to learn more about it.

The year ahead…

My word for the year is STRUCTURE (which you can read more about here) and it’s really helping me feel aligned with my self-care, my business mission, and my daily routine. I used to feel like having solid structure and routine would be limiting to my creativity and happiness but I’m finding that it’s just the opposite.

In 2017, I’m making a commitment to making reading a priority in my daily life. While I haven’t been perfect every day, I am excited about how many books I’ve already gotten through…for the most part. I got caught up cycling between three books, three! I’m about to finish them up but one of my next steps is conquering my shiny object syndrome. Especially when it comes to books.

Books I’ve been reading:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Re-thinking Positive Thinking

The Miracle Morning

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The Life Changing Magic of not giving a f*ck – this book is FABULOUS!

The last book I’ve been reading is a book about NDEs or Near Death Experiences. I found it in the $5 bin at Barnes & Noble and haven’t been able to find it online. It’s a book that compiles over 40 years of NDE research (which I had no idea was a thing). I’ve had to read it in segments because it either super captivates me or freaks me out. All of this started when I binged The OA on Netflix. Have you guys watched it yet?! There’s even a fan group on Facebook to discuss theories.

Realizations and things I’ve learned

As I grow more into my business and step into more powerful self-care myself, I’m realizing just how much life ebbs and flows. I used to spend so much time comparing myself now to my past self. Almost like this weird longing nostalgia for what was or used to be happening for me. I would cling to past experiences that were amazing and then fall into this mindset that those things may never happen again. Lately I’ve been taking more time to live in the moment, to practice gratitude for the now, and work on letting go of the past so that I can thrive where I am now….without trying to be perfect.

What I’m watching…

Grey’s Anatomy | This is Us | The Office (just finished my 3rd re-watch of the series)

How to make a 5lb salad base (Bethany and Zane of Love Chard are mega experts and have been helping me get back to healthier plant-based eating).

This SNL Skit – I cannot explain why I think this is so funny, it only grows on me the more I watch it

What I’m practicing…

I’ve been loving 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene

Stepping back into my journaling practice (more tips here)

Coming back to my breath every hour (this exercise helps)

Reading for at least 30 minutes each day

Nightly tea before bed

Powerful words

A few of my favorite things…(and possible gift ideas)

This tibetan singing bowl I got for xmas

Earth Magic Oracle Cards

These pens for journaling and bullet journaling

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