What does it mean to live from the heart? It’s more than experiencing an emotion or being guided by one particular notion. Living from the heart and tapping into your heart center is to be guided by the heart in tandem with the wisdom of the mind.

It is not the disposal of one particular thought process over the other, but instead the ability to live consciously and feel aligned with our inner purpose and true self.

Evita Ochel eloquently describes what it means to be heart centered in her post here where she mentions the pillars of heart centered living:

  • Compassion for Self
  • Compassion for Others
  • Compassion for Nature
  • Stepping into Heart Wisdom

The foundation of heart-centered living is love. Pure and simple. Therefore, when we embrace or step into heart-centered living, we are allowing love to be the guiding force for all that we think, say and do. We are moving out of fear-based paradigms and moving into love-based paradigms.” -Evita Ochel

Below I’ve compiled nine beautiful and powerful quotes that can serve to remind you of the purpose within your life and your ability to shape the world around you through your heart, thoughts, and beliefs.


The answers you seek are always within you. Others may help call them out, advice or other forms of wisdom may ignite an awareness within you, but the truth of what you need is always a part of you. It’s why we can spend hours searching in online forums only to feel more confused, frustrated, and let down. When we focus on an internal locus of control (or honor the power within us and take ownership of our lives) that is when we can begin to create great long-term change.


We can often judge ourselves for minor mistakes and slips, assuming that they are compounded evidence of our inability. When really, mistakes are grand learning experiences and chances to get to know ourselves on a deeper level. How awful it would truly be if we never got the chance to learn in moments of discomfort.


I hear so many people say that they stay silent out of fear or a belief that silence equates to the respect of others. The truth is that when we impede our own voice, we take away the gift we can give to others and the world around us. Your voice is needed. Your heart, mind, and soul are here to impact others just as others impact you. Boundaries are beautiful guides for the people in your life. Think of them as aisles and rows within a theater, letting those around you where to comfortably sit so they can best view your intentions, goals, and dreams. It would be chaos to try to watch a play if people walked backstage or sat on the floor while others tried to move around them.

People who love and respect you WANT to know where they can sit to best enjoy your gifts. And when you tell them and are clear in your personal boundaries, everyone benefits.


Consider for a moment the energy you give off when you react to a frustrating situation. For me, I have often found myself in the heat of a strong reaction to anger. The room changes, my dog shifts her body and retreats to her crate, my husband grows quiet, my body feels hot, irritated, and my stomach ties itself in knots.

Our thoughts do similar things. When we speak in a way that acknowledges what’s possible and pays gratitude to the micro moments we tend to forget, we smile more, we laugh deeper, we allow others to enter our heart, and we feel less stressed.

That’s not to say that anger, fear, or sadness are not also needed. There’s an unyielding importance to honoring all sorts of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The key is our response to them vs. an uncontrolled reaction.


This quote resonates with me every time I read it and reading it requires some concentrated thought. What comes to mind when you consider what “home” feels like for you? For me, its a sense of grounded intention, awareness, and acceptance of the present moment. Acceptance does not mean I always agree or enjoy the moment I’m in, but it means I accept that it is and that it will pass just like any other.

When I stopped seeking validation in others, when I began to process the core foundation of where my worry, self-doubt, and fear was coming from, is when I also found my home. My place of comfort, reliance, inner-knowing, and strength that while wavering and sometimes unsure, always called to my higher self, and always allows me to come back to a place of trust within who I am and what I believe.


The simplicity that elements can truly be as simple as we allow them to be. When there’s focus on gratitude, when there’s ease in trusting ourselves and doing what ignites passion deep in our bellies, that’s when fulfillment takes on a whole new way of being.


Trust is complex and trust in ourselves is the essence of inner freedom. Yet trust is not merely blind faith, it’s a deep discernment (read: the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure), an ability to sense our intuition and gut feelings and to allow ourselves to make decisions even in moments where the logical left side of our brain may discredit them. There is a balance we learn over time between the benefits of our left and right brain and each plays a role in both our survival and the degree to which we experience joy and ease.


Whenever I think of mindfulness I always think of the moments of joy that I experience when I’m cooking or preparing a meal and being fully present in that moment. To be mindful does not mean we have to be perfectly still or even quiet, it means that are attention is focused, and that we are fully aware of our surroundings and our thoughts. When I am slowly in the moment of chopping potatoes or even washing the dishes, I am at peace. It may sound silly, but to be fully present means that we let go of the endless worries and gunk that our brain is so skilled at reminding us of.

It’s soothing and calming to live in the moment when we can, it gives us an opportunity to declutter our minds and revel in the life within our hands before us.


Louise Hay has only entered into my life relatively recently but has already had a profound impact on how I am starting to view the world in new ways. Her daily affirmations are inspiring and serve as wonderful, simple reminders. I was in a deep, dark depression for a long period of my life (read the letter I wrote to my depression here) and when I realized that I was fueling it in many ways with my thoughts, I was given a sense of power, control, and determination to change them immediately.

So often I would say “there is no way out of my suffering, people don’t understand, I’m miserable, I hate this, I don’t even want to try anymore.” The truth was that those feelings were real and completely valid but the more I spoke them, the more I sent my mind on a scavenger hunt to retrieve reasons, facts, and evidence to continue to prove them.

Because the truth is, we don’t like to believe things that aren’t true. Our brains are vast and complex and we will not stop until we find ways to validate them, fact check them, or discredit them. When we change the way we speak to and about ourselves, our situations, and our circumstances, we then send our minds on a mission to find the good, to see the positive, and to therefore make choices and take actions that lead us further into the abyss of joy and happiness.

The other day a wise friend said,why do we always focus on red flags when there are certainly green flags, too!” 

We often think of the downward spiral that can pull us down relentlessly seemingly against our will but forget that there is also an upward elevator of bliss that only gains momentum when we point out lights above us along the way.

Try it right now.

Take out a journal or a piece of paper and write down 3 things that have went well today. Chances are you’ll only continue to see more and seek more of them. Watch as your list continually grows and your life begins to change.