It’s not that you don’t know what self-love is or even how to love & take care of yourself but you’re looking for something more and it would be nice to know where to start.

Lately the thoughts in your mind have piled up:

  • It’s hard to feel like you’re ever doing enough, or doing enough of “it” right
  • You want to change or feel better but don’t know where to start…or what’s holding you back
  • You know that there’s a different version of you out there and you don’t know where she’s hiding
  • You’ve changed and you’re not the person you used to be a year or more ago
  • You’re ready to invest some time in figuring out who you are NOW and what YOU want moving forward.

The Self-Love Guide gives you:

  • The ability to see why and how shifting your thought patterns can help you create more self-love
  • Simple actions you can take to instantly feel less anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed
  • How to get what you want and figure out why others are able to do things that sometimes feel impossible to you
  • A realistic game plan for how to move forward with what you want next in life
  • Easy exercises to see where you’re getting stuck and who you can reach out to
  • Motivation, inspiration, and permission to do what you need to do next

What’s included?

  • 14-page PDF that dives deeper into defining self-love + learning what keeps you from having more of it
  • 20 minute accompanying audio where I walk you through the #1 Barrier to Self-Love, 3 main things it causes, and 4 immediate action steps you can use to move past them!
  • Access to the resource library with goodies to help you empower your self-worth and get down to the details of owning your life including the Pinpoint Your Priorities Worksheet and a Guided Breathing Meditation Audio

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