Over the past few years I’ve been on an epic journey of self-growth and personal discovery and one of my favorite parts about it was learning and sharing it with many other amazing women. Many of the blogs and individuals in the list below are women I’ve had the pleasure of working with, collaborating with, and a few I’ve admired from afar. I hope these resources and blogs inspire you the way they have for me.

In no particular order…



Spiritually Inspired


Sara-Rae Hoagland hosts this beautiful, enchanting, and inspiring space that I come back to week after week. Her posts come from a place of intention and a consistent desire to grow and flourish as life takes us on our journey.

Favorite Posts

That Hummingbird Life & The Courage Makers Podcast


Meg Kissak is one of those women who you talk to and instantly feel inspired to take on the world. Her blog invites you in from the second you land on her main page. I’m pretty sure I actually said “oh fuck yeah!” out loud the first time I was there.

I had the honor of being on her podcast recently where we laughed and had a blast talking about self-care, mental health, and the importance of creativity. You can listen to all the good stuff here! 

Lastly, you’ll want to print out and hang her amazing manifesto on your wall or desk area PRONTO! You can snag it here and sign up for her Courage Makers podcast updates in the process. I LOVE getting them in my inbox each week,



maryandsarahMary England is hands down the most colorful person I’ve ever met. She speaks in rainbows and her passion to spread the power of self-love is not only contagious but downright awesome. When she’s not creating amazing street art throughout Baltimore, she’s hosting badass self-love courses I got to meet Mary last summer and had a blast being a guest on her podcast.

If you’re new to self-love and crave endless color, realism, and straight up FUN, Mary is your girl. Her site has endless freebies, resources, and creative ways to practice self-love that I had never thought of before.


Allie Tymo


Allie is an absolute sweetheart and someone I’ve loved talking to. Her way of writing will awaken your soul and inspire you to live from a place of intention and self-growth. One of my favorite place to breathe in her musings is her Instagram where she’s always sharing personal realizations and beautiful perspectives on living in the moment. Allie graciously extends her heart with everything she touches and I’m so thankful she’s following her passions and serving the world in her holistic heart-centered way.


The Blissful Mind


Catherine has one of the most beautiful and simplisticly pleasing blogs out there. Her content is inspiring and practical, which means implementing her suggestions is easy, doable, and life-changing! I recently connected with her and discovered that we are both studying at the same University in the same program! #smallworld Do yourself a favor and add this to your favorites, you’ll be looking forward to her new blog posts on the regular.


Christy Tending


Christy doesn’t know it yet, but I’m a HUGE fan of her blog, her work, and her healing presence. I recently completed her 5-day mini course on how to practice self-care during the holidays (that you can sign up for here) and was instantly calm and relaxed by her voice, her words, and her beautiful suggestions on practicing self-care and listening to your inner-guidance.


Self-Love- A Community


Although I haven’t met Lanise yet, I’m always amazed at how much time she takes to grow this online community with self-love, guidance, and how often she tags me and others on Twitter just to say “hi” or “you are loved” – THAT is the kind of thing that the world needs and it doesn’t go unnoticed.


Plant Your Peace


Lauren’s smile will captivate you just as much as her blog — seriously though, this lady can write! Her free 8-day self-care challenge is one of the most amazing courses I’ve went through. I was blown away by how much value was in each day and she even provides audio recordings in case you don’t have time to read it! #winwin Lauren and I have been collaborating for a while now and I hope there’s a lot more in the future. She wrote a post here on the blog while back on emotional eating. I also shared 4 Ways to Use a Bullet Journal for Self-Care on her blog. If you’re looking for self-care and help building a healthy relationship with food, Lauren is your lady!

Dana Winkler


Dana is amazing and yes I also say that out of pure bias because of our amazing FB messenger convos, but seriously, self-love is at the core of what this woman strives for and it shows. She also runs an amazing podcast called Project: Powerful You where she talks about self-care, body love, and eating intuitively with a vegan lifestyle. It’s a regular listen for me!

Must haves

Cait Byrnes


Have you ever dreamed of having a health coach and holistic wellness expert who would just tell it like it is and swear right along with you? Cait IS THIS person and she’s a true gem of a gal. Not only is she providing badass resources and free webinars but she’s also a Burlesque Performer and shouts out #FuckingFeelGoodFriday tips each week. She’s guest posted here on Mindful Eating and I’ve shared 4 Ways to Create Instant Self-Love on her blog.


The Brain Trainer


Have you heard of EFT? It’s a game changer! Heather Jones is the go-to expert on the Emotional Freedom Technique or “tapping” and it’s seriously amazing. Over the Summer we hosted a free brain training session on self-love and journaling and it was such a blast! Proof below.


I have been slowly making my way through her amazing weight loss and body love course and I have to be honest, it’s not what I thought it might be. Heather isn’t about “weight loss” — she’s all about helping you create a healthy, happy, and aligned relationship with your body and the food you eat. All of the modules cover ways to love your body and yourself by changing past mental habits. It’s brilliant and I’m looking forward to making it a daily practice.


Kait Fowlie


If I could grow up to be a better writer, Kait would be my role model. Okay – she kinda already is. This lady has an EXTENSIVE writing portfolio and has been featured on sites like the Elephant Journal. I tried to pick my favorite piece of writing she’s done but I can’t, so I’ll just tell you that you need to read this one on her notion of time. She’s been a guest writer on the blog twice now on writing about Why Self-Love is a Bold and Badass Commitment and more recently on The Magic of Shadow Work.


Kirbie Cooper


I’m really not sure why there aren’t shirts that say “I love the Kirbs” because I would wear one. Kirbie is a wise lady far beyond her years. She’s a joy to listen to and you can if you follow her personal FB page where she’s always doing live streams on holistic health & wellness. An Energy Healer, self-care and ritual expert, and a Canadian (that automatically makes people more awesome, right?) – she’s someone you’ll want to be following.


Beyoutiful Beauty


I can only assume that Jessica Ballou lights up a room when she enters because that’s pretty much how it feels online. Her smile, her words, and most of all, her message are what keep me coming back. I had the honor of being a guest on her Self-Love Saturday thread while back and have enjoyed reading her blog ever since!


Simply + Fiercely


Jennifer is the queen of minimalism, simplicity, and inspiration. She has this beautiful gift of putting all of her ideas and suggestions together in ways that feel liberating, practical, and stress-free. I’m a HUGE fan of her blog and am always working my way back to get more tips and suggestions on upping my self-care game and living from a place of pure simplicity.

Some of my favorites

Inspired by Lucille


Samantha has a passion for helping and inspiring others and it shows. Her blog is catered to moms but her tips and posts can resonate with many. From creativity, healthy living, and mindset, Samantha brings an inspiring collective of resources to her audience. I had a lot of fun writing for her blog on the importance of self-care when life gets busy.


Jenny Eden Coaching


Jenny has become a dear friend of mine over the past year. We’ve collaborated and held so many conversations about life, food, body-image, mental health, and business that I wouldn’t know where to start. While her blog focuses on healthy eating, her message screams self-love and her approach to food only carries further on the elements of self-care. She’s been a guest writer here on the blog with her post on 6 Unconventional Ways to Show Yourself Mad Love and I’ve talked about the importance of giving yourself daily permissions on her blog.


Choose You Love


Elly Blanco-Rowe is a powerful and inspiring woman who helps new moms build self-love and reclaim their true self. She has a huge heart and a nurturing presence. I have been so fortunate to be able to connect with her!

You can read a guest post Elly wrote on the blog on 3 Ways to Know Yourself in Order to Love Yourself here.

Rising Uprooted


I recently stumbled onto Meredith’s amazing and earthy blog. She’s a clinical herbalist who helps women cultivate a soulful and practical connection to the earth’s wisdom. Needless to say, I didn’t want to leave her blog once I landed on it and I think that her approach to self-love is one that many are curious about.


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